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The card recharge payment service for all operators - Vodafone, Orange and Telekom - is a secure, completely secure one.

Direct recharge for Vodafone card

Vodafone îți oferă posibilitatea să îți personalizezi opțiunile în funcție de nevoile tale de comunicare. Dacă deții o cartelă Vodafone cu credit inițial de 0 €, 1 € sau 5 € și vrei să o reîncarci, site-ul îți oferă o gamă largă de produse care să se plieze pe nevoile tale.

By following the simple steps of the online recharge process, you can always apply to the direct service (the credit is updated directly on your mobile phone).

In addition to the paid options, Vodafone rewards your loyalty offering you bonuses in minutes and SMSs, depending on the amount recharged and the period of time you held the card: if you are a customer up to 3 years old and recharge your credit with at least 5 euros, you can enjoy 30 minutes and national SMS through the program "Vodafone for Two to Card". You can register very simply and free with an SMS with the text DA at 2789 and the bonus is yours. The bonus is consumed with priority over the existing credit on the card or other extra options, is granted only once a month and is valid for 30 days.

First Card with "what do you want"

At the Vodafone card, in SupernetTM 4G, you receive up to 3300 "what do you want" - national minutes / MB / national SMS - in any combination, as you want. Plus, you have 12 months of unlimited music with the Zonga app.

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